Digital Marketing Solutions and the Creative Services to 

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A Campaign is Only as Good as its Content

From Social Media Management and Website Design to creative services like Photography, Video and Drone Services, we promote and spread your business online while engaging your current clientele and cultivating connections with potential customers. 

Our Services

Social Media Management


 From custom social profiles to ​content creation and digital PR, we'll handle your online presence so you can focus on growing your business.

Web Design


Craft your ideal website! Our web designers work closely with your company to build a website layout that is not only fully functional but also aesthetically represents your business's philosophy in the digital world.

Graphic Design


Our graphic designers have individual experience in multiple design areas and work together to create a stunning and practical composition for your business' needs.



Using platforms such as Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, Email Marketing and others, we'll create a tailored advertising strategy using proven techniques to ensure a high ROI for your business. 

Drone Services


Utilizing the newest technology in aerial imagery and video, we'll show your projects in a brand new light. Having the advantage of a bird's-eye perspective is a cutting-edge technique for your next marketing campaign.

Virtual Tours


Showcase your business or project with our 360-degree, fully-interactive virtual tours. 

Photography & Video


We believe in the immeasurable value of photography and video to influence a viewer's perception of brand and product quality. Our photographers have a keen eye for detail and work with you to establish a creative and tailored approach to featuring your business.

Content Writing Services


From smaller texts, such as product descriptions, to larger content, like blog posts and full-service website copy, our content writers use creative processes and researched keyword targeting to ensure your brand's ideas come across as an appropriate and engaging piece of writing.

Event Coverage


Document your most important moments. Our team will cover your special event with our offered services to promote it beforehand, document the experience during, and preserve the memory after.

Blue Oak

Innovative and Experienced

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Meet Our Founders

Zakary Super

Our FAA-certified drone pilot, web designer, photographer, and editing specialist.

 LSU Alum, Zakary graduated with a B.S. Civil Engineering and minor in Business Administration.

Kimberly Davis

With a passion for writing and content creation, Kimberly has honed her skills of copywriting, graphic design, and social media for Blue Oak. 

Kimberly graduated with a B.S. in Psychology at LSU.

Tory Super

Currently pursuing a degree in Marketing, Tory serves as our keen eye in video production and market researcher. 

In addition to our founders, we employ a group of specialized professionals with a variety of skills, including, but not limited to: web development, SEO expertise, advertising, and client acquisition. No matter your needs, Blue Oak Media Group has a dedicated specialist ready to work with you!

Grow your Network with one of our Specialists

You plant the seed and we'll help it grow. Contact one of our specialists and we'll consult with you on a marketing strategy tailored specifically for your business and niche. 

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